I Hid My Phone In Between Pictures And Videoed Them Watching Me

I live with my dad in a 5th floor apartment in Miami , my dad is a fireman so I'm by myself a lot especially during this pandemic crap.

I use to sit out on the fire escape at night until last March which was the first time I found out 2 girls from the 4th floor were peeking into my bedroom at night.

I actually watch them coming up the steps and my bedroom is just to the left of the steps.

At first it kind of embarrassed me because I figured they at least saw me in my underwear and probable saw me naked.

They are sisters and the oldest one is a grade lower than me and her name is Kara I think her sister is probably in 8th grade but I still don't know her name.

I say hi to them but don't really ever talk to them except a couple times.

For a couple nights I shut the window and pulled the shade down all the way.

After thinking about it I started to get excited that they could see me naked so I opened my window back up and had the shade up about 6 inches.

It was late March the first time I intentionally let them see me undress and see me naked.

I always kept my door locked in case my dad came home early which he does sometimes.

I would just lay in bed naked watching tv and knowing they were looking in the window.

It got to me where I started getting a hard on and after a week or so started jerking off.

I hid my phone in between pictures and videoed them watching me.

I think it was at the end of April when I saw another girl I don'r even know.

The steps on the fire escape are creaky so I can hear them coming up to the 5th floor.

When I know they are out there I just go back in my room and get undressed.

Sometimes I jerk off standing up but most of the time do it in bed.

I just play with myself for a while and get hard on's a couple times before I cum.

I watch the videos and see how they are smiling especially when they are watching me jerk off.

Its really a cool feeling and it turns me on so much I get hard just when I'm taking off my clothes.

Sometimes I put my underwear, socks and other stuff on the bed and go back and forth naked putting the clothes back in my dresser.

The dresser is right next to the window and I'm so close to them I always get a hard on.

I do stand at the dresser and jerk off sometimes but I at least touch my self and play with my balls a little.

That other girl that comes with them is only there on weekends so I guess she is a friend or a cousin.

I don't think she is in my school but think she is about 14 like the older sister.

If I see them in the lobby or outside they always wave to me and sometimes ask how I'm doing.

I don't think they know that I know they are watching me so I try not to talk to them and just say hi or wave to them.

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  1. im trying to figure out the boys who like being watched like if they did know you knew they were there would it still be fun to do or would trhat make it weerd
    like i always thought boys only liked older girls but maybe thats only for real dating gf bf

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