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    I am Embarrassed and Ashamed But Needed It

    So, I just to have to tell someone what happened. I’m 26, female, white and recently divorced from my husband. I moved back into my parents basement for the time being. Anyway, last week I was at the store and ran into this teenage African American boy that I use to babysit for. So, after […] More

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    At 45 I Live Alone, am Divorced

    Have been on workman’s compensation going on 3 years caused by falling 28 ft. off scaffolding on my job. Not only did I shatter my ankles but most of the bones in my feet were broken and also an ACL and meniscus in my right knee. I still can’t get around without crutches. At 45 […] More

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    Ex-Wife’s Friends, Sister in Law

    Now that I’m divorced, I can confess and admit: My nutty, drunken ex-wife rarely had good or preferable friends, however, did know two hot blondes, one her boss and another, a pure bitch, but hot, a friend. I had a thing for the bitch friend to the point of sneaking many photos of her w/out […] More