I am Embarrassed and Ashamed But Needed It

So, I just to have to tell someone what happened. I’m 26, female, white and recently divorced from my husband. I moved back into my parents basement for the time being. Anyway, last week I was at the store and ran into this teenage African American boy that I use to babysit for. So, after texting each other I had him come to my parents basement which has a separate entrance on Friday night to watch movies just like in the old days.

He use to snuggle up with me back then when we watched movies and now, I realize his accidental touching my boobs wasn’t so accidental. Anyway a few minutes into the movie and so he slid over next to me. Things happened and I let it….. I practically initiated it. Anyway, I’m sure you can put together what happened. Not sure what I’m going to do about it but just had to tell someone. I am embarrassed and ashamed but needed it.

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  1. it must not be easy for you. Take care and remember to pray! God is always by your side and loves you regardless.

  2. You dirty perv!!! Imagine being completely naked with him and what him bouncing your butt on his lap would feel like… I think you should let him do it, and if he has any friends you could happily be sucking on his bro while it happens. Just saying. Yolo.

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