At 45 I Live Alone, am Divorced

Have been on workman’s compensation going on 3 years caused by falling 28 ft. off scaffolding on my job. Not only did I shatter my ankles but most of the bones in my feet were broken and also an ACL and meniscus in my right knee. I still can’t get around without crutches.

At 45 I live alone, am divorced for 5 years so it has limited my sex life to masturbation. What started out to be having a lady clean up and do laundry for me twice a week has been the best investment I did in years. The lady’s name is Sandra (Sandy) who is 58, married, has 3 kids and 2 grandkids.

She first started cleaning up for me in August of 2018 and only here for a few hours both days. She only charged me $30 each day and would sit and talk with me for a while. She is a homily looking woman but I enjoyed her company not being able to get out very often. I have friends over on weekends but during the week I’m pretty much alone all the time.

I know a lot about her family and she knows a lot about me especially now. One time late that September our conversation somehow began talking about sex. We ended up spilling the beans about our sex lives and lack of it. It’s not that either one of us wanted to have sex with each other it was just talking.

I’m not sure how I instigated this but I began joking about the ways I masturbate. Then started mentioning something about being satisfied just getting a handjob. I really was joking when I asked her if she knew anyone who would do it for me. She just looked at me and said she does it for her husband a lot.

Joking again I asked how much she would charge me thinking there was no way she would do it. To my shock she smiled and said, 20 bucks ok? that’s the day it started.

So now every Tuesday and Friday Sandy jerks me off and nothing else ever happens and not her or I want anything else.

She teases me about it but is very good and does stuff she says her husband likes. She plays with my penis for a while but also holds my testicles and pumps on my scrotum. She pulls my legs apart and tickles me from my anus to the bottom of my balls. The whole time she does this she jokes about it and seems to know when I am ready to cum.

I’m always naked when she does it and her sense of humor gets embarrassing at times. She tells me her husband has a larger penis and mentions it if I cum to fast or not fast enough. She will stop, tell me to relax and as soon as my erection starts to go limp, startup again and laugh.

I have had hand jobs before but Sandy is the best ever. Not only that she still cleans up and does my laundry

By: Jeff

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