Confession of a College Hitchhiker

I was in college and in those days you could hitch hike pretty much everywhere. I had a friend who lived in Culver City and I decided to hitch hike from Texas. I caught a ride out of Fort Worth on 20 and I was let out near and got let out near Abilene. I caught a ride with a trucker, he was headed for Santa Fe. Along the way, riding the highway I sucked his dick for him. It was my first dick and it almost caused an accident. We spent the night at a motel near El Paso. He said he liked young fellas and I liked him back and we had sex all night long, he couldn’t get enough and neither could I. By the time we got to Las Cruces I had decided to hang out with him. He had a trailer and I spent a week with him, hung around naked and he spent his good time fucking. My ass was sore, my jaws hurt from sucking him, but I felt good, no one to tell me that I couldn’t be a good boy.

I got a ride out of Las Cruces and landed in Culver City. My friend asked me how it was being a hitch hiker. I sucked his dick and told him it was the only way to travel. We talked about the ‘trucker’ for years afterwards. It’s sort of a myth now, but it was real.

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