Underwater behavior

Growing up with a hot older sister and pool had it’s obvious benefits, i.e.- seeing her tanning, laying on a raft, etc, in whatever skimpy bikini she preferred, but also laid the groundwork for our later years.

Taking care of her own pool, my sister was pretty self-sufficient. One weekend, though, with temps in the 90s and unbearable, her filter broke, requiring my help. Calling me to help her, I rushed over and found her in a tiny, black thong and what can only be described a barely-there top. My goal was get the filter going, then get at her in the pool, she even got some additional resources to find the best heater for her pool.

We start working on it, and she gets in to check hoses. I figure out the problem (motor reversed, clogged), and get it going fairly easily. She wanted to get out to thank me, but I confess to other ideas.

“Stay in, I’m joining you” I told her. “Too hot out here..From what you’re wearing, it’s hot in there, too”. She laughed as I jumped in. Swimming a lap, hot sister passed me, giving a nearly-full view of her wet, bulging boobs. That was it for me.

I grabbed her waist and pulled her in, keeping her in my grasp. Her being her, she knew I wanted, at the very least, her top off. Told me “Fine, you earned it”, and let me pull it off.

I felt her up some more and encouraged her to do the same. “It’s just us here”, until she started feeling my hardened item underwater.

This time, she was the agressor, yanking my shorts down and giving me the business with her long-nailed fingers. Told me a few times that “nobody knows this”, and that she enjoyed making me feel good.

“You help me a lot..I can at least return the favor, hun” she said. I’ve never denied any of her requests since.

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