Ex-Wife’s friends, sister in law

Now that I’m divorced, I can confess and admit: My nutty, drunken ex-wife rarely had good or preferable friends, however, did know two hot blondes, one her boss and another, a pure bitch, but hot, a friend. I had a thing for the bitch friend to the point of sneaking many photos of her w/out her knowing, then looking at them before sex with ex wife. As for the hot blonde boss, she and I connected well from the get-go, and ended up having sex 3 times at my house. Her former sister in law was from Italy, in a bad marriage to ex-wife’s asshole brother, and, as many in their family expected or thought, we ended up having wild sex for months. Nobody actually knew, but they all thought the sister in law and I were. That feels good. Confessed to a thing for “Belle” and sex 3 times with “Jules”..As for the sister in law, we’ll call her “Lauren” And ALL were better than my crazy ex wife!
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  1. kbRubeVsty Grandma Dori – Beautiful people make butuaifel pictures. These show the two of them as they are. I am so proud of my darling Emily and very happy for her and Takao. Takao is a wonderful man. It’s so much fun for me to see them together, in love and having fun with it. These are terrific pictures. I cannot wait to be at the wedding in Seattle.Love and hugs and kisses to you both, Grandma DoriJune 8, 2012 2:42 pm

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