Stuck in a Wrong Job

It seems that I am stuck in a wrong job. Before taking up this job I knew what I was going to do the work mentioned in Job Description was looking very good and I was thrilled to take up the new job however when I came and joined the new organization I found that it’s all different in here. The job that needs to be done is not cool, it is totally different than what I was doing earlier. It has no managerial skill requirements what is needed is ability to execute small things which I do not wish to engage in to. But at the same time no one is allowing from my family to leave this job as I do not have anything else in my hand. Not sure what I should do… Shall I just quit and wait for a correct opportunity.
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  1. FuCloQdoc5 I’ve been cheating on both my blog and the moley exhgnace!!!! The culprit: the set of out high school musical! I’ve been painting every single night. I should get back on my feet April 12. This is such a tease, Andrea. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach at the prospect of receiving this.

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