Sophiie_kate Jones Callum Squibb

Sophie Kate Jones I’m with Callum Vincent-Squib I dumped my bf for his good mate and tried to keep it a secret.Everyone suspected but we were rumbled. We don’t care what anyone thinks. We are in love. It’s only been a twoo weeks and we only met once but it don’t matter. Send us email for more Robert was such a mug. It was too easy to fool him and go after his mate. Update………….. I think I’ve had enough of him now. I did dump my bf 4 him but he’s 2 ugly really. I only met him a few times now but seeing him in the day light makes me ill and I’ve gone off him. I think it’s three weeks now. Besides I got another Calum I want to start seeing. I went out to meet him the other night.
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