I want to confess all the things that are bothering me. Things I have done to others and to myself. This is the First one on my list. When I was 14, we had visitors over for dinner. They brought their 4-5 yr old girl with them. The adults were upstairs and we were downstairs watching Donald Duck. I touched her. I became excited at the touch of her flesh against mine, and i would put my hand between her legs. Hug her close and firm to my body and press her against my penis through my clothes. That was the extent of the touching, it went no further. I only realised what i had done was wrong about a year later, it all seemed innocent at the time. But now i worry, I worry about where she is in her life and what effect I’ve had on her. I want to apologise to her, I want her to know that I know it was wrong, that I feel guilty and embarrassed about it. That I feel responsible for the direction her life takes.
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