She’s too young

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m a 31 year old guy and I’m hugely attracted to younger girls, generally between the ages of 13-15. I’ve started seeing a 13 year old girl I met online, and I can’t stop myself. She’s so sweet and kind and bubbly, I love being around her.

We started sharing fantasies from the beginning and the first time we met, we had sex in the park. I was so turned on, as we were kissing, we just got more and more carried away, until, before I knew it, we were almost naked, and the head of my hard prick was brushing against her little pussy. It was too hard to resist, and I made love to her there and then. I didn’t use any protection, so pulled out before I came.

Now, every time we meet, we make love. We don’t use any contraception, but it just feels too good to be inside her and feel her smooth, firm body against mine.

I’m not her first lover, and not her first older guy, but I feel so flattered and sexy that she shares her perfect, developing body with me.

Am I evil? I just want to make her feel good and share this intense pleasure with her.

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  1. You are an idiot… She is a child. Clearly a child with a lot of issues if you are not her first lover. Three years ago, she was 10. 5 years ago she was only 8…playing with dolls and coloring. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Hes not an idiot…hes a pedophile He is a pedophile. You can go to jail for 4 years for what you are doing. I hope you are caught soon. If she doesnt use protection what makes you think that you cant catch something from her. It would serve you right I hope you dick burns so bad it feels like hell has opened it firey gates.

  3. I wasn’t too young I was 15 when I had a summertime affair with man over twice my age. It was consensual, purely sex driven. 40 years later I still say if there is mutual consent, have fun.

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