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I want to start by saying that I have a great husbdnd a great marriage and I am very happy with my life. I just have some things to say about me and I want to know what other people think about it. I love to watch porn and masturbate myself a lot. sometimes I do it for a whole day.Even when my husband and I have sex more than once a day which we do frequently. He always gives me a lot of orgasms and I should be satisfied enough but I’m not. I just love doing it to myself. I don’t know how many orgasms I have had in a day but it is a lot. I like to watch men and women masturbating themselves. I get so turned on by it. I just can’t help myself. We have sex toys that we use together but I also use them when I masturbate. Sometimes I just use my hands and sometimes I use them too. I always use the shower head to orgasm when I take a shower, and I sometimes use a small mouth bottle to suck my clit into and make it really big and then let the water make me orgasm. After I have a few orgasms by my clit, then I finger myself or use a toy inside me to make me squirt my juices out. I am a gusher you could say. My husband loves this too. I also have a friend who is a woman, who I have known for years and I want to be with her to. My husband would be ok with this as a threesome but I want to be with her by myself too. I want to explore her inside and out and give her a lot of orgasms. I want to make her squirt too. I want to taste her cum. I know my husband would love a threesome, what guy wouldn’t but I also want to do it alone with her too. I would never cheat on my husband with another man , because I already have a good man and he makes me very happy. I would like some feedback about all of this so I can figure myself out. Has anyone else ever felt this way or do you now? Please let me know what you think , and how much do you masturbate? how many times can you orgasm? Tell me anything you want.
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  1. I can’t stop Masterbating Reading your post made me so hot that I masterbating several times in the past hour. I am a highly sexed 18 yr old bisexual girl. I was first masterbated by my sitter when I was around 5 yrs old. We enjoyed all types of sex until I was 10 at which time she left. I masterbate several X per day. My best friend and I used to masterbate each other and eat our pussies. I am horny all the time, I have masterbated in every conciveable place even in church. I first had sex with a man when I was 11 and have had sex with as many as 4 men in one day. When I was in New York I Stayed at the YWCA and had sex with as many as 5 girls in a 24 hr period. I AM A SEX ADDIT AND I LOVE IT. Reading your post I fantized about you and has several orgasms thinking of you and me cumming together. As I am writing this I am all wet and will masterbate again when I finish.
    My family has no idea of how I realy am. I will be starting collage this yr and look forward to excellent sex. Think of me then you masterbate.

  2. Hrm… I think that masturbation is fine regardless of how often you do it. I think that a threesome is fine as long as all 3 people involved are comfortable with it(as opposed to agreeing with it to make someone else happy).

    However, I think if you want a 1 on 1 relationship with this other woman, that’s completely different. I cant imagine being ok with that if I was in your husbands position. I mean, that is kind of the definition of cheating

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