One Day I will Make My Identity that I Dream of

Hey Everyone,

I am tired of being happy with people around me even though I am not with two failed relationships where I have given a lot in return I got only tears I feel sad and depressed like why it happened with me only. I always dreamt of my good career where I am sharing my success with that one person with whom I share my happiness. I know life is not easy but I guess sometimes your inner will to do something great just doesn’t work. I always pretend to be happy because I don’t want people to find out what is going on with me that’s why whatever happens I show them that I am taking things casually which I am not. With passing time I guess I am losing my emotional balance I am confused about what to do.

Once a friend of mine said “God tests those who are strong” but I am tired of giving tests I m also a human, not a god that whatever bad happen I will face with smiling face. Even though I am strong but I guess my limit is near to face everything. But I no I always thought that I am strong how can I set my limit this a cruel world and here only strong ones can survive.

For a few mins I thought for giving up a “Big No” I will do whatever it takes to become successful no matter what. This whole world is still surviving because there is hope so how can I lose my hope.
One day for sure make the identity that I ever dreamt of. I hope I can. Please whoever reading I really wish whatever you are going through you get that iron will to face that situation and you come out from that with flying colours and also please pray for me that one day I will make that identity whichever dreamt of.

Confession By: Riya

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  1. Never loose hope …not the best one wins always but the last trying one always wins…….it’s my own thought.
    I’m also going through this situation. Good luck

  2. Losing hope is okay!
    Self doubting is okay!
    Fail in relationship is okay!
    Dreaming off is okay!
    Want to prove yourself is okay!
    What matter the most is what are you doing today because this today will make your tomorrow…

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