My Confessions

My ladder to success
• I was groomed by the clever personalities like Salman Farooqi and Capt. Esani with whom I served at the Prime Minister’s Secretariat as Press Secretary to Prime Minister Junejo. Later, our gang scattered and we served in different departments and benefited ourselves from the national exchequer.
• During Benazir’s first tenure I tried to associate myself with Asif Zardari but failed due to my past’s exposure.
• I later joined the Nawaz Sharif camp and became Press Secretary to the Prime Minister.
• During Nawaz Sharif-Ghulam Ishaq tussle of 1993 I became staunch CHAMCHA of the Sharifs and was later awarded the PIOship. During Nawaz’s second tenure I got lucrative postings in the Information Ministry. I used to regularly visit ABBA JEE at Sharif’s Raiwind farm.
• When Pervez Musharraf came into power in 1999, I turned my coat and exploited my ‘Urdu speaking card’ and got out of turn promotion and became the Additional Secretary in-charge of the Ministry of Information. By using various sources, like AMMAJEE (Mush’s mother) and Tariq Aziz etc., I finally managed to become the Secretary of the Ministry.
• I betrayed all my benefactors, whether it was Pervez Ahmed (former PIO), Channa (Junejo’s PRO), Khawaja Ijaz Sarwar, Farhatullah Babar Asif Ali Zardari, or Nawaz Sharif. I used them for my personal elevations.
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