Mistakes do happen

yeah, i know i was on wrong track…but alteast i was aware and tried my best not to cross the line. i had back to back lost fship with guys who i thot my good buddies.but, then they turned out to be same…while my first lover was my colg mate, though i never liked him. he was good chap…but, not made for me… on the other side there was this bloody asshoel who i liked but turned to be a whore who loved watchng p*** and liked fuckign their bloody asses. a bad choice and as i expected he ditched me badly…the third was his friend who i never liked personally.,and atleast i regret having a night out wid stranger who took me party , made me drink vodka shots and took me for ride… i know m made to be blamed for whole lot of this too. but, then it just all happened…may be god wanted me to experience this and make me realize that grow up and dont trust everyone
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