masturbation guilt

i am catholic and i have a strong desire to masturbate. i have done so since i was a teen. 5 years ago i confessed and tried to quit. after a long period of no masturbation i started again. i read from doctors even dr oz and dr phil as well as some christian authors dr dobson and dr leman it is totally normal. it is also healthy to do and has many health benefits, last longer in sex, reduce prostate cancer risk, etc. but the priest in the confessional says it is always wrong. how can i get over the guilt if i do this?
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  1. Normalness Yes, masturbation is normal. The sexual repression and generalized fear of our own bodies that is created by some religions has lead to more problems and evils in the world. Masturbation satisfies an urge that occurs in your body, it is natural and not problematic as long as it is not affecting your life. Ask yourself why this urge would be placed on you by your god and then make it a sin to satisfy? This sounds like the behavior of spiteful teenage girl not an all-powerful deity.

  2. Masturbate
    HOw are you ?
    It’s nothing wrong. U R perfect.
    However, U can stop it ONLY when U get married.
    Once the thirst is quenched, U don’t need more water. right ?
    Keep it up.

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