oh god i am at it again …each time i make a decision and jump to the other side with a more force…i hope and take a firm desicion to not to act to the emotions anymore….sorry to the woman who is coming to my fantasies each time…from this moment onwards i make you my sister and i will br your brother…sorry sister for making you bad in my mind always….I STOP
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  1. Umm You know, the bible doesnt say anything about masturbation being a sin. Its a sin to think impure thoughts about other people. Leviticus says that jizz is unclean, but it also says a woman on her period is unclean and everything she sits on is unclean, etc..
    Masturbation by itself shouldn’t be a problem as long as you can prevent sinful thoughts from entering your mind. The act of masturbation is healthy(I’m serious), fun, and doesn’t do anybody any harm. Just my 2 cents

  2. the Bible The Bible does say that you shouldn’t spill “your seed” on the ground. But the Bible says a lot of things that we no longer accept — like the previous person said in regards to women. If a man says he doesn’t masturbate than he’s a liar. You’re not the only one. Accept yoursel and you desires – it will only make your future sexual relationship w/ your partner that much better bc you will be comfortable w/ yourself.

    My husband encouraged me to start masturbating and I am so greatful to him for that.

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