is it really destined??

I hve a clssmte when i was in 1st grade and after that I nver seen him..i nevr forgot him all this time and after several years we’ve met in a university(we both study there)..but we nevr had a chance to talk..all we just do is stare at each other and talk with our eyes..I know that he have feelings or he’s attracted to me because his friends teases him when I’m around..I fall in love with him because of the thought that we were destined and because there’s a certain feeling when I look in his you think that there’s a certain reason why we met again??or am I just assuming that there was??I’ve been asking this question several times..I want to read you comments or any opinions..thank you so much..I
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  1. This is bad… Hi, whatever happwning out there is not at all good. You keep on staiiring each other and do nothing, like talking ot each other? This is not good. You should communicate with each other and make sure that you are becoming good friends,

    Looking at each other is not going to help you in any ways, so go ahead give him a shake hand and start talking, you will find it difficult for first few seconds but later on… you will say thank you to me.


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