wrong move….

i committed a sin, with my first serious boyfriend. this started since my bf went back to their hometown. my outlet of missing him is going out with other guys. but i really love my bf it’s just that i committed a wrong move………..
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  1. wag kang magagalit huh? …naq girl..u really made a wrong move……..d ka kc nag isip..nd if u really love ur bf, d mo makakayang mag flirt sa ibang lalake… should have been more thoughtful and loyal///enx.
    yun lang masasabi q..wag kang magagalit huh..

  2. reevaluate… hi… i think you’re just in love with the idea of love. reassess how you feel about your boyfriend. If you really do love him then you couldn’t have found it in yourself to cheat no matter how much you’re missing him. From the way i see it, you do not love him because you can never hurt the one you love. Take this for example. You got an IPAD-something that you wanted for a long time and finally you have it. Will you let just about anyone borrow it? will you leave it lying around? or will you take care of it and bring it anywhere you go? Same concept with “loving someone” We take care of the things we love, same goes with people. We take care of our loved ones and make it a point to not hurt them at all cost. It’s not a matter of saying that you made a wrong move.It’s a matter of reevaluating what you really want and how you really feel with that person. But for me, you don’t love him.I commented not to put you down but to wake you up into realizing what your priorities are. thanks

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