I’m so sorry for doing that.

I am SO sorry for doing those terrible things to Leo and lighting. I feel so bad about it. That was when I was not mentally strong. I promise never to do anything like that again, and I will continue to be there for Rainy. I will get help if I need it. I promise.
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  1. 81YuEdhA8XC ट एस दर लAb apko papa-bitiya ka pata chal gaya..ashirvad dijiye….Abhi to Haveloc se Pakhi lauti hain.Dusra logon ko bhi vahan tak jane men proeblm hoti, isiliye Portblair men hi celebrate kiya.

  2. N54CfzGJHdEh
    I want to join but I think it’s not my time yet. I wish I could buy time for now. But then, I can’t complain. Thanks for sinrhag this Momi Bless, though. Have a great day still, aight? 🙂 For sure, this giveaway will prosper. Good luck and all the best to everyone who join this event!

  3. paKEjKz9u
    aaah you are forgiven i’m sure. I hope you all have a wrdueofnl time with your moleys! I joined a group a few years ago and we did the art work and then somebody never sent on the book… oh well, someone got some fun art their home i guess :>

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