I Was Busting For A Poo All Day But I Was Too Embarrassed To Go With Everyone Else Around

I was 15 when it happened. I’d been to the museum on a school trip and I was busting for a poo all day but I was too embarrassed to go with everyone else around so I held it until I got home which wasn’t until about 8:00pm.

Well that was the plan anyway. We got on the coach to go back to school and by then I was getting desperate for a poo and a wee. We were all told to go to the toilet before the coach left as we wouldn’t be stopping onto the way and I had a wee but I held my poo back which was difficult but I just about managed it.

Sitting on the coach seat made it easier to keep control of my bowels but my stomach hurt and I was beginning to wish I’d had a poo before we left the museum.

The coach journey was supposed to take around an hour but we hit traffic on the motorway and after an hour we were still stuck in the tailback. I was bursting for a poo by now and even though I was sitting down it was hard to keep it in. My stomach was killing me and I had to pee which didn’t help. When the traffic started to move in about half an hour I was losing the battle with my bowels and I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I peed through my knickers and into the seat fabric as I pushed a huge load into the back of my under and I had to lift my bum off the seat to make enough room for it. The relief was incredible but so embarrassing and the worst part was having to sit down in my mess when I finished.

Everyone knew I’d pood myself and but I tried to make out I’d only farted but I don’t think anyone was buying it.

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