I Really Don’t Have Any Dreams, Purpose or Love

I really don’t feel anything from this life, emotion or love or hate or anything else, I don’t have that feeling

I have learned that I need to love everybody in the world, but sorry, I don’t hate them but I don’t love them, I really don’t have any emotion with this world and any people, that include my friends and my parents, do you think I’m so evil like a monster? but I can’t force myself to love when I don’t feel love.

When I don’t want anything and don’t feel anything, what I could do for my life? help me with your comment cause I really don’t have any dreams, purpose or love, or anything else for my life.

if I hate someone, maybe I still have an aim in my life but none, I don’t hate, don’t love, don’t have anything feeling. If you know some days in the future you will die, why are you still alive, what are you looking for? what are you living for?


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