i hate money

I hate you ,i really hate you ,
I’m in pain and i know that my heart is weeping ,just because i don’t have money.why money is every thing in life?
i never give importance to money,I’m not saying money is every thing but it is most important.
one day i’ll get you, I will gain ,my fingers is can’t describe what I’m feeling
maybe no one can understand what i am trying to say
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  1. hi Farrukh, You might hate money but dont forget money is important in life, Life is important for money If you dont have money today that means you can earn it tommorow just believe in you, Trust in Allah, One day money will run behind you and you dont have run behind money

  2. I agree, I hate money too.. Everything we do is about money. It causes almost every problem we face in life, it’s pure evil.. We would all be better off without it. We would be equal. Have equal opportunities in life.

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