I am in love with my Girlfriend`s Best friend

Hi, i want to confess this for my girlfriend, i am in love with your best friend, This started when we had some argument last month and she was the one whom i expressed my feelings, she understood me better than you, but you never came to me, even she was looking for me, you never understood me we merely were in need of each other, i want to be with her now…please forgive me….i want opinion from you people have i done right or wrong…please advice….
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  1. You love her… Take her Hi
    If you love her go ahead… try for her. If she loves you more than ur friend she will stay happy with you than with your friends….

    Comon Irfan….Go for her

  2. Apni biryani phiki hai.. Thats the way bro…doosre ka maal apna…good going ..u love her…then u ought to screw her..go ahead..boss.go for her imran

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