I Get Even More Turned On By Sissy’s

This is going to sound weird so here I go.

I’m straight 100%, I am sure, but recently when I got a little big into BDSM I found out a thing called “sissy”. here’s my problem, I am attracted to women, but when I see a “sissy” that looks close to a real girl or female, I get even more turned on than I would get by a woman.

I don’t know what this says about me, I need help.

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What do you think?


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  1. Nothing wrong with you. It is natural to be attracted to a pretty sissy boy as it is a pretty girl. You may become more attracted to the sissy because she has a cock which is different and not the norm. This makes it taboo and to some more appealing. The other reason you may be attracted to a sissy is because you really would like to be with someone and suck cock but not with a man due to being stereo typed. With a sissy you have the best of both worlds. A pussy to screw and a cock to suck. Live life as you like it is to short to let it pass you by. Besides who cares what your intensions are you do it for your self not for others. Rock On!

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