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    One day someone will make me feel better

    I realised that I was lying to myself. I loved my family, my friends, myself, or so I tried to convince myself. They could die for all I could care. I’m pretending to love my parents because I need financial support to eat, sleep and survive. I pretend to love my brother because that’s the […] More

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    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8

    I was raped everyday from age 4 to 8 before moving countries. I was in denial about it for years, until now, I’m trying to process some of what happened. it sent me into depression and I completely isolated myself, and it got worse during the pandemic. I dont know how to help myself anymore. […] More

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    I Get Even More Turned On By Sissy’s

    hey. This is going to sound weird so here I go. I’m straight 100%, I am sure, but recently when I got a little big into BDSM I found out a thing called “sissy”. here’s my problem, I am attracted to women, but when I see a “sissy” that looks close to a real girl […] More