God knows dad what u did to me and u will pay for this

after 1 year of fighting this trauma battle, at last, I’m brave enough to confess it here. I had been jailed by my own father who report it who became the witness on my birthday. YES! MY OWN DAD!.

it all started when I had been accused by my stepmom who says that I kick and punch her belly (she was pregnant 9 months old at that time) when I was absolutely doing nothing. my dad who was literally in the room came toward me and acted as if I did it. This happen after my dad went out of the court’s door where he doesn’t want to divorce my mom. Then my mom quickly grabbed me before my dad try to hit me, and we went home.

I was just so shocked didn’t know what to do and just proceed to rest in my room. in the evening suddenly I receive a call from the police station saying I have to go to jail because there is a report about me who my dad became the witness. My world was black, I don’t know why he would do such a thing to me when we never disturb his new life with his new kid and new wife.

What’s worst, after spending my miserable 1 night in jail, I got bailed out by my mom, and I don’t know why my dad came to me and just lectured me, saying all the things will not happen as I want, this is all lesson to teach me how reality in life work. I was so heartbroken when I did nothing wrong. I REALLY PRAY TO ALLAH THAT HE WILL GET HIS KARMA ONE DAY. GOD KNOWS DAD WHAT U DID TO ME AND U WILL PAY FOR THIS.

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  1. god please support this person who has posted this.

    i do not know how this karma thing works.

    maybe his dad is sinner or this person has past life thing which only time wll tell.

    But, atleast i pray by John 10:10. of the bible in jesus name.amen.

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