Confession of a “Guy with Camera”

For those who done know “Guy with Camera” is a term used for amateur photographers who pose as professional photographer to get women to pose naked for them on camera. I was one of these guys. Most GWC are of course perverts who want to create porn but I did it as photography was a life long hobby and I love the female form. I am very anti-porn as it does objectify women and makes some men porn addicts which really damage there lives. My goal was to create art although I did misrepresent myself. I won’t go into the details of how I did it (as I don’t want to give any guy ideas) but I ended up working with 25 models. Luckily I am a good photographer and something of a charmer, a few of the models I did not get along with so they did not like the experience but I am actually more concerned that most of them did because I did a good job. What will become of these women, will they seek to model nude again? Will they end up doing porn? Will they let their boyfriends take nude photos of them and then what will the boyfriends do with those photos? Have I ended up ruining someone’s life? Although I enjoyed meeting and working with the models I do secretly judge them for trusting me so readily. To be clear these were every day women wanting to try something new- and by women I mean mainly 18-23 year olds. I know it is wrong I judge them for this. They should have known better, but more importantly I should have been up front. What was the cost of my art?
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