An Equal And Opposite Reaction

Dear Tanta,

Due to the fact that you chose Iago’s lying and deceitful words against my integrity, I will promise you that you will NEVER by an Aunt to my children.

Because you backstabbed me and did everything in your power to hurt me, I will NEVER welcome you into my home.

I dont care that you are my partner’s sister. I will only interact with you cordially during large family gatherings. Otherwise, you ARE OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER!!!

What you did to me was unforgivable, and I will NEVER trust my children into the care of someone who wished me to die.

Thus, when I am opening presents at my babyshower, I hope you realize why you are 30 and still a virgin. Because you are a CUNT and FAT and HATEFUL. Nobody will ever love you because I knnow. I tried and you backstabbed me.

So have fun being a guest at my wedding, you will NEVER be my bridesmaid. You will only see my children at large family gatherings.

When they are old enough, I will teach them to HATE THEIR BIG FAT UGLY HORRIBLE AUNT that terrorized/tormented their beloved mother.

BTW Your brother hates you now too, he is just putting on a show for the rest of the family.

When you chose IAGO over me, you chose the tragic ending, I tried to give you an out and you refused, you brought this upon yourself and im am tired of cow-towing to your worthlessness.

I am the better person, you will keep growing fatter and fatter and NEVER marry and NEVER have children and I will LAUGH

I HATE YOU more than words can say,

I will always be younger, prettier, skinnier, and happier than you




P.S. Cat toys dont say IM sorry, coach bags do 🙂 you CUNT

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