That reality lived no longer exists

I awoke in bed the first weekend of April 2008. The whole of existence is not as it was before, not the world at all that I remember. The ‘time of before’ is gone. That reality lived no longer exists, this existence is similar majorly, yet minor things either don’t exist, never have, or are changed.

The second wife I had married, duration of thirteen years, here, today, this existence, we lived only as roommates, having lived that time duration same length, we were never married.

There is a memory of a sports-news broadcaster, remembering him to pass away from cancer during the early two-thousands, here this time, he died in 1995.

The most notable difference known to me; Cleveland, Ohio, Cuyahoga River, the fire there happened in the late sixties. It happened in memory around the same time remembering it, however, it was the day the Cleveland River caught fire. Not the Cuyahoga. I ought to know since was there during that time. Didn’t live there, was visiting with relatives as a young man right at that time.

These events could be disconcerting for a person should you let that get to you; don’t, it doesn’t matter. Let it go. You’ll never prove it, and, most assuredly do not let anyone or anything persuade you to know other of anything of this. No goddess nor god or any, entity will bely my mind to false memory, or truth the existence am living absolute and unmoving. Should those of beyond try to do that, will find Themselves bearing false witness, as Their truth of being Themselves is as perennial as the seasons we see change here.

Live the truth as you know it, just keep differences to yourself. Should it bother you, feel you must make it known, ask the Unknown, like, Ultimate Goddess, Ultimate God perhaps, even Mother Mary, She’ll find the truth in You. Then you can let it be.

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