My Lesbian wife. Is she a lesbian?

I have a question for women. I think my wife may be lesbian, or at least bi. Let me know what you think. She seems to really like to look at other women, and now I notice her eyes when we are in places with a lot of people. I can see her eyes look down to a womans tits. She doesnt seem to get excited at all when looking at men, or naked men (like in porn), but if we watch a porn, she loves to see two women kissing, and going at it, but she never wants me to notice that she watches the women, but I do notice it. here are some things that have happened:

We were in a hotel the other day, and across the lawn were about 5 girls in bikini’s laying in the sun. We were in our room just eating lunch and watching tv. She couldnt stop watching the girls, but again, she didn’t want me to notice that she was watching them. Every time I would look at her, she would look away from the girls, and act like she was watching tv. She seemed to be getting excited watching them.

We also went to an exotic halloween ball, and there were several topless girls dancing. She was watching all the girls, and she got so turned on, that she wanted to go have sex in the car immediately after the party. She would never normally want to do that in public. I have checked her computer and I saw that she has typed in searches like “girls kissing” and “lesbian kissing” and has visited several sites with naked women, and lesbians having sex. She likes to go to a bikini site with girls in skimpy bikini’s, and nude photos of them.

Should I bring these things up? Should I ask her if she wants to kiss a girl, or do more with her?

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What do you think?


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  1. Think twice before you do it.. She might be a closet lesbian, or bi, or she might just be turned on by thinking about the possibilities because she thinks of sexual relationships with other women in reality to be “taboo.” If I were you, I wouldn’t ask her anything about it. If she felt comfortable enough to talk to you about it, she would have by now. She might bring it up on her own eventually, which is the best way for it to come out. But if you put her on the spot about it before she’s ready to admit it (maybe even to herself) or talk about it, then you could create a really uncomfortable situation, or open doors that you might later wish were left closed.

  2. i must say this

    u r a brave husband. I would have …. god knows

    what i would have done, after just imagining this. You are facing it.

    I dont know how u r facing it.. comon do whatever is essential to finish this matter as soon as possible.

  3. Bi She is not a lesbian. If she was, she defitnitly wouldn;t go and have sex with you after being turned on by women. She likes you and women. I have a husband and I like women too. BUT we wont be having a 3some anytime soon. I kissed a girl in front of him (drunk) and we both said the next day it didnt feel right. We are loyal to each other. That being said there is nothing wrong w/looking. Women ARE beautiful. I watch porn w/girls and it turns me on. I have been with several girls in the past. I would be w/ another women again but only w/ my husbands knowledge. Bottom line-no she is not a lesbian. Simply ask her if women turn her on. Go from there but be careful you just might not like what you get into!

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