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I Really Can’t Believe This

This is a festive time in India everyone is in a mood of shopping. People are going out on street to shop, like mad.

Me and my girl friend decided to go out for shopping on Saturday as we both could meet and spend some time together only on weekends. She was not feeling well was under tention due to some other reasons however just because of me she agreed to go on shoppping and we went for shopping.

We were roaming in market for more than 3 hours but I failed to take even a single piece of gift for her on this festive ocasion. we were unable to decide what to take. Finally we both gave up.

Had some snacks and while i dropped her at her home I could see a clear disappointment on her face and she said to me “.. i really can’t believe that you asked me out for shopping and we didn’t buyed anything”

At that time i didn’t reacted anything but now when i am back home I am really feeling very bad about it. How can I do this to her? she is so enthu and always a happy girl but I myself is not that enthu. I sometime really feel that how can i fulfill all her requirements if I show such dullness and boredome. I think I badly need to improve myself and give my best to keep her happy.

I promise you my dear that I will try my best to keep you happy through out the life and will do whatever that i need to do for this…. I LOVE YOU HON

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