I am Just a Piece of a Shit Cowardly Child Now

I am preparing for a very important exam my parents have spent a lot of money on me but I just don’t feel like I wanna do it now. I am faking everything not studying playing games hiding test results and my parents are spending a lot of money on me. I don’t know what to do. I feel so shit now; I have time to recover but no spirit to do so. God, please do some magic and bring the old me back… I was much better and enthusiastic, I am just a piece of a shit cowardly child now.

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  1. I guess that you can solve this problem by adding and removing habits like for example:

    consume less hours on social media or even better DELETE it as a whole
    Try to study at least hours a day to make studying a habit for you
    If you can go to the gym DO IT believe me it will increase your mental health and physical health

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