Bleeding Just Wouldn’t Stop

Today my mom was banging on the bathroom door asking why I was taking so long. It was because I was frantically wrapping toilet paper around my wrist like and idiot, because to today the bleeding just wouldn’t stop

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  1. You stop. I used to do this too, then I grew up and I found out I could be happy. I had tons of scars all over my arms, and everyone would always be looking. I could see the smile at first and then they would see my arms and the smiles would just fade. I would always be trying to hide them. Finally I got tats. However, I wish I had never cut myself, because why shoudl I punish myself for a world that is messed up. It’s not your fault.Try to listen to music, exercise, look at the stars, feel the sun, feel the wind, breath. breath, breath, keeping looking upwards and know that life is worth it.

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