Wanted to be hated.

I luvd a gal for 8 yrs & she got marrid 2 another man due 2 her family torture. but be4 her marriage i called her fiance & told him tat she went with me to diff places but she actually didn’t…I did this only coz i knew tat she loved me a lot & wood nevr be happy with feelings for me in her heart, I knew tat her fiance wood cal to inform tat i told so & so & tat wood created hatred against me in her heart(And tat is wat happnd). I’m sorry my love but watever I did was for ur better future with your too be husband….Hope you’ll understand someday….
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  1. She is happy only coz of this!!! She is happy only coz I did this coz her husband knew of our relationship… Now tat I did all of this – he thinks tat I’m no more in her heart and she is not cheating on him…..Tell me what wood u do if you were in my place.

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