Complete mistake and never meant too

My boyfriend and I have been almost dating for a year and were both 18 year old. We both love eachother so much and have always talked about our future and getting married! Which we both want more than anything. We both are in a long distance relationship at the moment because of college so I havent been able to see him alot but that hasn’t changede my feelings. Well being apart has been killing me bc i miss him terribly and am always home alone waiting to talk to him. I decided to go to the dorms and drink with some people. I got drunk and ended up cheating on him. I feel so guilty but I haven’t told him because I made up lies about that night and to confess to him would mean telling him I lied about it a few times. I love him and would never do this again. It was honestly the alcohol I just wanted to hangout with people and nothing else, I just want to be able to forgive myself I know it will take time
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  1. Don’t worry
    You’re young and alcohol is a powerful force. You made 1 mistake. Most of us believe in the power of the second chance, so give yourself a second chance! Forgive yourself!

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