My love my secret

When I have been thinking about you too much, and being hopelessly in love with you, I make up scenarios in my head about you breaking my heart and choosing to be with someone else.

It doesn’t make me happy, it makes me more depressed than anything, like how you make me happier than anyone.

But I feel it might make me more realistic, I hope it makes me more sensible. And sometimes I do stop thinking about you, until you do something else amazing and I remember why I love you again.

I hope it won’t end up like that, but it is sometimes less pain than waiting for you, and keeping this love a secret.

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  1. Hey,
    You are not clear in your confession, you dosent state that both of you love each other or only you love her and she dosent….IT might be you are much posessive about her…and love her so deeply that you cant see her with some one else… that good but you can try to be open minded with her talk to her as much as you can, tell her everything what is there in your heart….hope it will work for you

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