I hate being in love with you.

I hate being in love with you. You are supposed to be the one to brighten my day, and yet, you always darken it. You always make it worse. I understand that we’re together through thick and thin, and I have no problem standing by you or helping you through things. But is it so much to ask for you to occasionally save your best for me, rather than leaving me the scraps others left behind?

It hurts to love you because I know on so many levels how wrong for me you are, how you inadvertently make me feel insecure and unworthy. And I know I could find a hundred other people to love that would treat me better, with more affection, more attention, and more savvy. But unfortunately, I want you. It is you who breaks my heart every time you drive away, you I dream about, and you I miss. And even though I can dish whatever it is I do dish, there has never been a time that I could take it.


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  1. Hey thats a really nice peom/article/thesis… but remember always forget your past and look for a bright future which is waiting for you, and i hope you will find the best person of your life

  2. I love it I feel the same sometimes, but mostly, i love it as long as im helping to keep him happy

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