My Heart was Broken and Shattered

Hi! I thought it was only a crush but I fell more harder than I thought. I want to confess but I’m afraid of rejection. Until, your friend want to take a picture of us without you knowing and annoyed me to take a picture of us. So, I agreed to that. In that situation, you know that I have a crush on you.

“What ifs?”, are starting and coming more often in my mind but my ego won’t back down. We don’t have any conversation even we are classmates. It’s okay, because I know we are both shy. I’m a quiet person and you are an introvert.

There is one time I gather my courage to ask a title of a comic which you made on Facebook, you replied, and I replied thanks. End of conversation. I was happy with that one reply but slowly kicked into me that this guy is not interested to me. How can I say so? Guys will give attention to a girl without asking for it.

He will come to you without asking for the girl’s attention. I believe actions speak louder than words. You avoid me. I caught you looking at me and avoided it. When we were near, we didn’t talk. Every we had a day post, we viewed each other, but at the same, I intended to view, but for you, I think it was just passing by when you just playing games.

Intramurals day, there was a girl sitting beside you. I was in denial that she is your girlfriend and convince myself that she is one of your circle of friends. I keep looking at you two, talking like you have your own world. I want to cry, but I need to hold it in.

I shouted to my heart when cheering classmates playing to lessen the pain. Then, I was convinced when that girl rested on your shoulder and make my heart broken. At the same time, I have a headache because I did not any eat breakfast and lunch. I go out of the gym and refresh myself.

The wind embraces my lonely heart and accepts that heartbreak. Until now, I was having a hard time letting go of this pure love. I think this love won’t be for me. I think it was enough even though my heart says no. I really want to end this and talk to you as a classmate only and nothing else. Maybe the good choice of action is to hide these feelings and lock them inside my heart. Never resurface again.

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  1. My heart was broken and shattered at 15!I had a strong crush on a boy for about a year and we got along great! When i was 15 then,i finially made my First Holy Communion with the 7 year olds in my class.So that i would fit in with the little girls,my parents dressed me in a cute,poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with lace socks and white maryjane shoes.Under my dress,they had me wear a cloth diaper and plastic pants and white tee shirt just like the little girls wore.Just after my party was over,my parents took my relatives to the airport and my crush showed up.He got aroused by the way i looked,and we started kissing! He put his hand up under my dress and felt my diaper and plastic pants and got even more aroused!He took out his hard penis and put my hand on it,then he unzipped my communion dress and pulled it off of me!He fully saw my diaper,plastic pants and under shirt and told me i looked like a ‘baby’!He then pushed me to my knees,thrust his penis into my mouth and made me suck it! A few minutes later,he came in my mouth,causing me to gag and cough.He forced me to swallow his cum which tasted awful! After he was done,he helped me put my dress back on,we kissed some more,then he left.The next week he dumped me,telling me he wanted a girlfriend who wasnt a ‘baby’! I was completely heart broken!

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