My first (memorable) boyfriend…

When I was 12ish, I had a boyfriend who was kind of a geek and lots of people made fun of me about me going out with him and I really didn’t like him anymore.

So one day I rode on my bike to the park nearby his house so we could meet up there. I explained to him that it wasn’t working and we should just be friends. He was surprisingly okay with it.

So I rode off on my bike and crashed into a tree. He was standing there laughing at me. I carried on riding but rode over a nail and the tire went flat. So I climbed off my bike and as I was trying to find where the puncture was, a car drove past me into a puddle and I was sopping wet. He took me inside his house and got lent me his mothers clothes and got his older brother to drive me home. His whole family were very cold towards me and it was EXTREMELY awkward.

Lol, The wheel turns I guess….

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