My first and only love

I’m nick I’m a white guy about 6ft or 5’11 brown curly hair, brown eyes athletic build. My first love was a kinda short (5’4) brown haired brown eyed brown skinned beauty. I’m white she’s black. She’s gorgeous, smart and funny and understanding. The first time I knew I was in love with her completely and totally in love with her was oneday in highschool I was sick. Usually I pick her up and drive her to school on bad weather days or we’d walk together. Well on this perticular day was  icy outside and we just got off of a two week snowday period. The night before I told her I’d walk her but then I got sick in the morning. I felt sooo sick! I had a fever but I was sooo cold my nose was stuffy and I was running through Kleenex all morning. She texted me a frown and said thanks for walking me! Then I txtd her that I might have the flu! She was already at
school so I assumed I wouldn’t see her until after I got better… We’d only been dating for like 2 months. And no sex yet. But she left school during her study period to walk to my house in the snow and make me soup! She stayed the whole day with me wrapped in a blanket and she held me like I was a baby in her lap! We cuddled all day and watched
Movies like Jumper, fantastic four, Superbad. The only thing was she got sick the next day too. I had swine flu and gave it to her so we were both on quarantine in our rooms for the next two weeks. During school hours when her mom had work she dropped her off at my house and we just hung out in our pjs. my mom took care of us or sometimes my dad. And then on the weekend or days when both my parents worked we’d be at her house trying to fend for ourselves. No one wanted to get close to us because they didn’t want swine flu.. but ususally when I’m sick my mom treats me like I’m 5 and gives me so much attention and for her she’s  daddys girl. So he pretty much takes care of her. But it worked out great since we had each other. We’d just hug and cuddle and lay together all day. Sh
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