My Boy Friends RAT face

My boyfriend is a wonderful guy and all, but he has a weird face. He was one of those people that based on looks alone, I didn’t find him very attractive,
but as time went on I found him more and more appealing ’cause he has a great personality and confidence, and a wonderful heart, but sometimes in my mind I think of him as “dear rat boy” (a la the simpsons)

Do you think I should tell him this?

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What do you think?


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  1. 7trqIukuGK0 Craig,I’d certainly like to. I’ve been cinpletomg a manuscript called, Shaping Clay, which examines a more realistic, nitty-gritty approach to daily discipleship. One that tries to discuss what we can actually expect to encounter/endure along the way of discipleship and how to overcome the failures and fears that often hinder us in trying to become more like Christ (and what becoming like Christ even looks like in the first place).As of right now, though, it depends upon some factors that are completely out of my control and I’m unsure if it will be happening anytime soon, which can be a bit discouraging, to be honest.But I certainly don’t want to detract from your fantastic news because I’m really pumped at the opportunity that is before you! And I’m especially excited to read your marriage book, since your thoughts and sermon messages really challenged and helped my marriage grow significantly after my wife and I watched them last year.

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