My Boy Friend confessed to me, but .. just help me

me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 years and i love him dearly with all my heart. we went out this weekend and got very drunk we stayed at a mates house we went ta bed and started talking. Just about random drunken things he was stroking my face telling me he loved me , he then proceeded to tell me that when he was younger he had experiences with guys. not one not two but three experiences. it shocked me a bit but i know that we all experiment as i have done in the past but the point is I told him when we met and I don’t understand why he didn’t told me?? I mean is it a bloke thing?? did he think i was goin to treat him any different? after 4 years he should know me and there is nothing wrong in expecting this from him… he was freakn out thinking i would not want him any more.. i told him i loved him no mater what the past is. it is not what he told me its why he lied and i have no doubts he is straight but it sort of breaks my trust a bit cos he didnt tell me so now i am thinking is there other stuff he hasn’t told me yet?? or things in the future that he won’t tell me?? I need an opinion on this, shall i continue in this relationship or I should stop?
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  1. hummm
    Something like that is not an easy thing to confess to. when you like someone a lot and your embarrassed about the “thing you did” your not going to want to tell that person until you trust them fully. I would say this is a good sign that he would share that dark secret with you, and for a guy that’s way darker then even cheating. I would say that you should take this as a good sign he wants to be with you for a vary long time if you get my drift.

  2. He’s gay No way a straight man would ever, ever touch a man. He loves you. But he likes men too. You may even find out there’s a reason he played with men before, like some kind of abuse. But If you can fathem touching a man, you are gay.

  3. Hes a faggot
    Im sorry to be the bearer of bad new but your boyfriend is bi. No man who is not bi lets another man fuck him and he does not fuck another man. If it was oral…same thing. Later down the line this will happen agian. He likes it…if he didnt it would have never happen. Most men lean more toward the homophobic side…yet your man is fucking or sucking dicks of other men. Lose him…point blank!!!

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