Love and Truth

I am writing this in the hopes that someone else sees it and that it open their eyes the way that mine have been opened.

I have spent my whole life carving out a space because the one that was made for me was in the wrong shape. I always felt a sense of destiny in the path I took: a path that my family and friends did not understand and could not walk with me.

I met someone, a beautiful, amazing woman. This is the first person who ever made me want to be better than I am. But she also seemed to really like who I am now. I knew when I met her I’d give everything I had and could conjure up to be a better person for God and for her.

She opened my eyes. I was unaware of how lonely I was walking this path alone before I met her. And I was unaware that I could find someone to walk with me, that I could find someone who would celebrate and appreciate who I was, flawed, a sinner, but she kissed me and she sighed like my flaws were non-existent. She walks the same path that I have fought to find but she was born on it. And now I see the contrast, between those who are committed to this with me and those who are committed to other things, who I love, who are wonderful, but who don’t know me in a way that she could know me.

Alas, doesn’t it always go this way? She isn’t sure. But I have to say, Thank you Thank you Thank you God! Thank you for letting me know I can be who I really am and who I have worked to become, and I can be happy down to the darkest depths of my soul, and thank you for showing me that there are such amazing creatures amongst humans.

And please God, let her always be happy!

Sweetheart, I love you!

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