In love with a straight boy

Kevin you are a sweet, innocent guy. I’m not sure of your sexual orientation, but the semester’s now over, so I probably never see you again anyway. You deserve to be happy, there aren’t too many nice (and good looking) guys like you left. I’m sorry if I seemed unfriendly or cold at the Geography meeting, but I was just taken aback that you would even talk to me. I got nervous so I just didn’t know what to say. Sorry for blowing it, but statistiaclly speaking, you are most likely in to girls, not guys. Good luck in college, you are a smart guy and will do fine.
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  1. hmm ..uhmm.. i remembered someone in your confession..:D we became close and then he courted me,. he is the same as kevin he always into girls.. you know what, he told me he love me and i thought i love him too.., theres no commitment between us, but see.. he cheated me.. he keeps on telling me he love me , well in fact his courting another girl ! haha… good thing is i dont love him at all !:) i won !:D

    i’ll wait for your replay:)

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