In Love with a colleague

I am completely lost and don’t know how to cope with what i am feeling.

I’ve been married for 2 years to an amazing person who i adore and wouldn’t ever want to be without. I started a job 9 months ago – i started up a friendship with a colleague that suddenly turned into flirting and before i knew it we had kissed. it escalated and we decided to stop it before it went any further. he has had a baby with the girl he is due to marry but since then we have kissed again and more on five occassions – we have talked about our feelings and said that we know its wrong and we should stop – we have tried to stop five times and always end up in the same spot – im terrified that it will take us being found out before i realise that what i’m doing is insane. but the thing is, i’m not sure if i love him now and im really scared. i think about him all the time and i cant help but think that my husband must have picked up on it.

i dont want to hurt anyone – i dont necessarily want to leave my husband but i just cant seem to give this up.

I told this guy at work how i feel about him and he said that we should stop because our feelings are getting out of hand – a week later we slept together.

if anyone has anything they can say to help then please do because i’m completely stuck and feel so vulnerable.

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  1. i know how it feels your story is exactly the same as mine… but we got caught. he has become my best friend, as well as my collegue and “playmate” Now ALL of it is gone and im so lost. normally i would run to him, he always knows exactly what to say, the perfect words and now, the friendship/relationship is over and his engagment is over and she kicked him out. My husband doesnt know, praying she doesnt track him down. My advice to you is to stop now, no matter how hard it is… or leave your husband. Neither is easy, but its much better than getting caught. My pain is immeasurable. I have never felt so lost in my entire life. I wish we had stopped but I pushed to keep going and now i have lost my friend, my lover and my confidant. My life is devistated.

  2. Its nothing but physical It’s nothing but a physical attraction towwwards thay guy annd it’s really shameful that you are getting engaged in to a relationship when you are married to a man. You are bitraying your guy who is going to stay with you in your odd times in your entire life.

    Try this:
    Don’t allow that guy to toucch you or kiss you and see how he behaves with you. You will understand diff. between a husband and a time pass affair.

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