I maybe falling for him even though he’s old enough to be my dad lol

Ok I met this guy last year and we’ve been talking for just over 8 months. I am 19 soon to be 20 in a few months & he is 43. When i first saw him i just thought he was handsome & i liked his hair but i felt he was too old for me, oddly he thought i was too young for him. But after talking every night and having fun with eachother we began to really like one another. I think I’m starting to fall for him even though he’s 24years older than me. It’s just he’s so caring & often ask me if I’m ok and how i am, and he listens to me, comforts me, makes me laugh, and other things that makes me feel special and lucky to have him. I’ve never liked anyone like i like him, i feel as if other guys are just a waste of my time now cuz I’ve already found what i need and want. Also I know I get really really reallyyy jealous if other women try to talk to him. And a few nights ago when we were about to hang up I almost said “i love you” but i had to catch myself. I know he is someone that i would love to marry & have kids with someone day.
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