I love her veru much…BUT…

I love my wife very much but here I am admitting that sometimes her presence makes me very irritated. I used to see a lot of dreams earlier, before my marriage. But after marriage I rarely see any dreams in the night and whenever I saw any, the dream filled up with grey shades, black and darker pictures. I did not see any dreams where my wife presents. Last night I saw a dream and I was shocked as I was sleeping with some other friend of mine back from my primary days. I never thought about her this way and she was married almost a decade back. She was of very small height and I loved to interact with her as she was staying in our neighborhood. But yesterday in my dream I saw her in my ancestral home’s first floor. During the afternoon when everyone is sleeping she slipped into the room and started shedding all of her clothes. In the dream she was plump and I started enjoying her naked figure. I was really not able to understand why have I experienced this bizarre dream while I am very happy with my wife and satisfied with our private moments. Is it because I loved to think of having ‘it’ with other girls or is it something to do about my rotten subconscious?
I bought great six piece lingerie for my wife. It is Yellow in color and great sexy looking with thong, small skirt, night suite. But she never tried it and refused it as she doesn’t like to wear these kinds of clothes. I tried to persuade her to wear this on special occasion but she is a stubborn lady. I loved to watch ladies in skimpy clothes as they increase the carnal desire. As she refused it, sometimes I sit with her and saw bikini destination in TLC to show her how beautiful these models looks like wearing those two pieces. But she hates to watch it. Sometimes I feel to buy these skimpy outfits and gift to someone else and watch them wearing them. Even one of my darkest desires is to hire an escort and experience their service while I am on travel. But I never had the guts to do so.

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