desperately in love

i’m saying this here because i have no one else to tell. i met my best friend (a girl) 4 years ago. before i realized i loved her, we were too far into the “friend zone”. my feelings for her grew and grew for years as she went through boyfriends. my feelings seemingly waned after i met my current girlfriend, but during the 1+ year of dating her i have continually found that we’re just not made for each other. as time goes on i continue to fall back in love with my best friend.

recently we’ve been even closer than usual because both of our relationships are not what we expected. we lean on each other.

we know each other better than any others. we’ve been best friends for 4 years and have even lived together for 2 years and i can’t recall one time that we’ve ever had reason to fight. meanwhile we both get in fights with our significant others about things that 5 year old children wouldn’t even fight about. it’s clear to me that we are made for each other. i just wish that i knew what she thought. we’re graduating soon and are likely to not see each other anymore. i want to tell her how i feel, but i don’t want to ruin our otherwise perfect relationship.

i love you, i love you, i love you 1000 times. i want you to know so bad that i need you

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  1. Tell Her
    A life full of regret is worse than being shot down. If this is the end of the road anyway, you may as well take your chances. Don’t count on never fighting though. If you get into a relationship you will. That’s normal and healthy. Not 24/7 fighting mind you, but occasional arguments are a part of a relationship. I still say tell her. Do it right. Tell her how you’ve always felt. She may feel the same.

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