Hello. I am a little sissy. I enjoy crossdressing, especially in one-piece swimsuits, and I steal dildos from my friend’s mom so I can penetrate my ass as I masturbate to shemale and sissy porn. My ultimate sexual fantasy is to either be made to look like a shemale, with huge breasts as I’m fucked and cummed on by at least 20 guys or become a slave to an Asian shemale and fulfill all of her sexual desires.. I would especially like to reserve a bukkake facial. I’m just… to ashamed to say this to anyone.
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  1. I am a sissy closeted crossdresser I am fully shaved and lotione silky smooth and completely body hairless. I am very feminine when dressed I can walk in 5″ heel just like a slut swinging my hips .. I am growing tits (taking breast enhancement growth pills and creams and I pump my nipples and titties 3 times a day, YES THEY ARE GROWING.. I have a ton of Clothes nylons heels panties dresses lingerie and toys. I LOVE BEING A GIRL and along with being a sissy gurl is MY LOVE OF THE COCK and Balls and MEN and being FUCKED like a GIRL. I am in BUFFALO, NY 14150

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